Windscreen Price List – Coverage Value for Lexus

The suggested windscreen coverage value includes the cost of replacement, installation/labor fee, and quality solar film tint.

Car Model Coverage Value Price to pay
Lexus IS XE10 (2013+) RM3000 RM450
Lexus LS XF40 (2006-2017) RM3000 RM450
Lexus LS XF50 (2017+) RM3500 RM525
Lexus ES XV60 (2012-2017) RM2500 RM375
Lexus ES XZ10 (2018+) RM4000 RM600
Lexus NX AZ10 (2014+) RM4000 RM600
Lexus RX AL20 (2015+) RM3500 RM525
Lexus CT ZWA10 RM2500 RM375
Lexus LX J200 (2007+) RM4000 RM600
Lexus UX MZAH10 (2020+) RM3000 RM450
Lexus GS L10 (2010+) RM3000 RM450
Lexus LM350 (2021+) RM6000 RM900

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