Windscreen Price List – Coverage Value for Ford

The suggested windscreen coverage value includes the cost of replacement, installation/labor fee, and quality solar film tint.

Car Model Coverage Value Price to pay
Ford Fiesta (2008-2016) RM2200 RM330
Ford Fiesta (2016-2023) RM2500 RM375
Ford Focus 2010-2018 RM2500 RM375
Ford Focus 2018+    
Ford Mondeo RM2500 RM375
Ford S-Max RM5000 RM750
Ford Focus (4 Sensors) RM5000 RM750
Ford Ranger RM2000 RM300
Ford Ranger (Sensor) (2012+) RM2500 RM375
Ford Ranger (camera) (2019+) RM3000 RM450
Ford Ranger  (2022+)    
Ford Everest RM3000 RM450
Ford Kuga RM3000 RM450
Ford Ecosport RM3000 RM450
Ford Mustang RM10000 RM1500

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