Windscreen Price List – Coverage Value for Toyota

The suggested windscreen coverage value includes the cost of replacement, installation/labor fee, and quality solar film tint.

Car Model Coverage Value Price to pay
Toyota Vios (2002-2006) RM800 RM120
Toyota Vios (2007-2014) RM1000 RM150
Toyota Vios (2014-2018) RM1000 RM150
Toyota Vios (2019+) RM1500 RM225
Toyota Vios Camera (2019+) RM1500 RM225
Toyota Avanza RM1000 RM150
Toyota Avanza (2019+) RM1500 RM225
Toyota Unser (1998-2001) RM1000 RM150
Toyota Unser (2001-2005) RM1000 RM150
Toyota Camry CV35 (1991 - 1996) RM800 RM120
Toyota Camry CV20 (1996 - 2002) RM800 RM120
Toyota Camry CV31 (2002 - 2006) RM1200 RM180
Toyota Camry ACV40 (2006 -2012) RM2000 RM300
Toyota Camry ACV51 (2012 - 2017) RM2000 RM300
Toyota Camry XV70 (2018+) RM2500 RM375
Toyota Camry XV70 (Sensor / Camera) RM3000 RM450
Toyota Altis (2001-2008) RM1000 RM150
Toyota Altis (2008-2014) RM2000 RM300
Toyota Altis (2014-2019) RM2500 RM375
Toyota Altis (2019+) RM3000 RM450
Toyota Corolla Cross (2021+) RM3000 RM450
Toyota Rush RM1500 RM225
Toyota Innova (2004-2018) RM1200 RM180
Toyota Innova (2019+) RM2000 RM300
Toyota RAV4 (2013-2019) RM3000 RM450
Toyota RAV4 (2020+) RM4000 RM600
Toyota Caldina RM3000 RM450
Toyota Hilux (2004-2015) RM1000 RM150
Toyota Hilux (2015+) RM2000 RM300
Toyota Fortuner (2004-2015) RM1000 RM150
Toyota Fortuner (2015-2020) RM2000 RM300
Toyota Fortuner (2021+) RM2000 RM300
Toyota Wish (2003-2009) RM3000 RM450
Toyota Wish (2012+) RM3000 RM450
Toyota Alphard ANH10 (2002-2008) RM3000 RM450
Toyota Vellfire AGH20 (2008-2015) RM3500 RM525
Toyota Vellfire GGH30 (2015+) RM4000 RM600
Toyota Harrier (2008-2011) RM2000 RM300
Toyota Harrier (2004-2012) RM3000 RM450
Toyota Harrier (2013-2020) RM4000 RM600
Toyota Harrier (2021+) RM5000 RM750
Toyota Prius RM2500 RM375
Toyota Prius C RM2000 RM300
Toyota CHR RM2500 RM375
Toyota Yaris (2019+) RM1500 RM225
Toyota Estima ACR30 (2000-2005) RM3000 RM450
Toyota Estima ACR50 (2006+) RM3500 RM525
Toyota Sienta RM2000 RM300
Toyota 86 RM3000 RM450
Toyota Mark X RM3000 RM450
Toyota Crown S210 (2012+) RM4000 RM600
Toyota FJ Cruiser XJ10 RM4000 RM600
Toyota Lexus RM4000 RM600
Toyota Landcruiser Prado J120 (2002-2009) RM3000 RM450
Toyota Landcruiser Prado J150 (2009+) RM4000 RM600
Toyota GR Supra RM6000 RM900

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